Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twilight Sago Seekers Forum

Hello this is Sandy co-owner of Twilight Sago Seekers a fun new forum for twilight fans.
General Twilight Section -talk about anything twilight

Twilight Sites -sister sites feel free to add your site if you have one
Teams - Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob or another cast member
Polls take a poll about your favorite charactor example jacob or edward
Cast bios
Pictures pics of your favorite charactors from the movies
Fan Fiction - any rating any type except slash when we get more members I will make a poll askin members if they want slash fan fiction
TV appearances example Oprah tomorrow May 13th

Things I need from members
I know there's life outside of the net but I need for members to be active even if you stop in every so often to say hello I'd rather not have lurkers
I'd also prefer members to tell us about yourself so we can get to know you
My co-owner Jana and I also need somemore help running the forum there may be some things we may not know how to do that somebody might so please if your interested in helping email me at
Team leaders these people will be incharge of giving people interested in join team jacob for example number another example I'm team jacob with the number 88 it's not sayin one fan is more important than the other it's just a fun thing
New things are being added as Jana and I go it's a very new forum right now we only have 5 members so please bare with us.Oh yeah fan fiction that is rated R or high is not recommened for younger memebers so please use causion.
Here's The Link Enjoy
Sandy and Jana Owners of Twilight Sago Seekers